Diego Rivera

      Diego Rivera

      Diego Rivera – painter, known as an active communist and husband of Frida Kahlo, was born in 1886 in Mexico. p>

      River’s radical political beliefs, harsh attacks on the Church and the clergy, and his flirtation with Trotskyists and left-wing murderers made the painter a controversial figure even in communist circles. He developed his artistic style to a large extent by painting walls: he was characterized by the use of strong colors and simplified figures, and most often he painted Mayan natives in a political context.

      In his younger years, Diego Rivera flirted with cubism, but later, thanks to the works of Cezanne, he turned more towards post-impressionism with simple shapes and patches of vivid colors.


      Due to its importance in the artistic history of the country, the government of Mexico declared it a “monumentos historicos”. As of 2018, Diego Rivera holds the record for the highest price for a work by a Latin American artist. The picture Rivals from 1931 is part of the collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller. It was sold for 9.76 million US dollars.