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All paintings in our web gallery are 100% hand painted.

Check out some of the examples we’ve delivered to clients:

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100% hand painted paintings

Sale of paintings on canvas – exclusively hand-painted artwork.

All reproductions of paintings, modern wall art, abstract paintings and other artwork on canvas are 100% handmade by our painters.

Paintings made by order

We can paint almost anything, in any size, even paintings outside of the regular offer.

Online paintings framing

We have developed a special application that allows you to digitally place a frame on the painting.

The width of the “digital frame” is optically adjusted in relation to the size of the painting. This way you can see an excellent approximation of the end look and you are sure that the individual frame is suitable for the chosen painting.


Custom hand-painted paintings made to customers’ specifications!

Have you found a painting online, but they don’t offer the right size? Do you love our modern paintings and want to change the colors or add a detail to the abstract painting? Are you looking for a painter to create a portrait for you? Or do you simply need a quote for a painting that is available at another online store?

Send us a photo of the artwork, specify the dimensions, and let us know your preferences. We will provide you with a customized offer. We deliver made-to-order paintings within 15-45 days.

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How to choose a painting frame?

Within the site, we have developed an application that allows you to add a frame to an artwork.

The application optically adjusts the width of the frame to the dimensions of the painting and shows you the realistic final appearance of the framed painting.

How to choose a frame for a painting on svetslik.si >


Visualisation of a painting on your wall

Not sure if a modern painting is suitable for your wall?

Are you worried about whether the dimension of the painting will be adequate?

Send us a photo of the room and we will place the painting digitally on your wall.

Najem umetniških slik

Za podjetja, hotele in gostilne – z možnostjo menjave slike v času najema.


najem za 10 let

  • opcijski nakup podokvirja 20 €
  • opcijski nakup okvirja (AL BK) 82 €
  • menjava slike (platna) na 3 leta

Napeta slika

najem za 10 let

  • opcijski nakup okvirja (AL BK) 82 €
  • menjava slike (platna) na 3 leta

Okvirjena slika

najem za 10 let

  • menjava slike (platna) na 3 leta

Paintings on the wall

Wall art placed in different spaces to make it easier for you to decide, choose, and buy a painting.

The whole room of inspirations is available here…

Paintings for living room – singel panel, modern paintings, wall art

Wall art – Double-panel, modern paintings, abstract paintings

Wall art – Multi-panels, moderne painting, abstract wall art