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      Multi-panel Paintings

      Multi-panel paintings, which are composed of multiple parts and connected as a whole, have become a desirable way to place artwork in a space. They offer a new option for expressing wall art. Properly arranged sections of the painting create an impressive, new form of artwork or solve problems that arise on long walls.
      Paintings with different sizes of individual parts allow us to fill larger empty wall surfaces without a sense of overcrowding. They are used on longer empty walls where it is difficult to find a suitable, elongated motif for a single painting, or where a single painting would appear too large.
      Such abstract paintings have become a solution for many hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms.

      How to hang a multi-panel painting?
      Each part of the multi-panel painting is individually hung on a hook. The spacing between the parts is usually determined by the thickness of the frame. If the frame thickness is 2.5 cm (the usual thickness we supply), the recommended spacing is 5 cm. With such spacing between the sections of the painting, you ensure visually coordinated continuation of the motif across all separate parts. If an abstract painting consists of different motifs that do not require logical connection, the spacing between the paintings can be determined by the customer.

      Visualisation of Artwork on the Wall

      The selection of suitable multi-panel paintings can be challenging due to the wide range of options available. Another challenge is deciding on the right dimension.
      We offer customers the option of a free computer placement of their chosen canvas painting on their wall. Learn more about placement of canvas wall art and free visualizations.