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Canvas wall art

Looking for canvas wall art? You are in the right place – svetslik.si is an online store that sells only 100% hand-painted wall art on canvas. Here you can find the right wall art for the living room.

Sale of paintings on canvas

Sale of paintings – in this section, we offer canvas paintings with various motifs and techniques, including single-panel paintings, two-panel paintings, and multi-panel artworks assembled as a composite of a motif. We regularly update our collection with new paintings.

All the artworks in our collection are hand-painted on canvas and mounted on high-quality subframes with pins, which allow the canvas to be tightened if needed.

The standard thickness of the subframe for our artworks is 2.5 cm. However, we offer customers the option to choose subframes of different thicknesses. If you inform us after placing the order that you want a thicker subframe, we can stretch the artwork on a 5 cm or 7.5 cm thick subframe. This way, your abstract painting can make an even bolder statement in the room.

Would you like to frame the painting?

For canvas wall art, you can use our frame selection app. Each artwork comes with the option of a custom frame. We offer more than 50 different frames with various patterns, appearances, colors, thicknesses, and widths. The web app adjusts the width of the frame around the artwork based on the selected dimensions of the wall art.

For two-panel paintings, three-panel paintings, and multi-panel paintings on canvas, framing is usually not necessary. However, you can add the frame to the order if you let us know via email when placing the order.

Customized wall art on canvas

Did you find an abstract canvas painting on another website? Can’t find a suitable wall art on our site? Contact us and let us know your preferences. We can paint almost anything! 🙂

How to choose the right size of a painting?

Let us assist you with a free digital visualization of the painting in your room. Before making a purchase, send us a photo of your wall or room. Provide us with the reference dimensions of the wall or nearby elements (e.g., the length of the sofa). Within 24 hours, we will send you a digital visualization of the wall art in various sizes on your wall.