All paintings can be painted in custom dimensions according to your preferences. We can also paint paintings that are not available in our existing collection. Send us photo of an artwork that you found on other website to get an offer. Contact us at info@svetslik.si

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We offer you the possibility of making TWO types of vouchers:



If you want to leave the selection of the painting to the recipient, give a VOUCHER FOR PICTURE, which contains the desired amount and a code with the value of the voucher.

Order the voucher on this website. Select the value of the voucher and complete the order. If you want an additional dedication on the back page, write your dedication in the comments at the end of the order. You will receive the voucher in an envelope by post.

The voucher will look like this:


Do you want to give a picture as a gift, but it is not possible to deliver the painting by the birthday date? We have a solution…

We print and send you a unique GIFT VOUCHER, which can contain a personal dedication and a photograph of the ordered painting.

Give the recipient a gift certificate, and the painting will follow when it is completed.

To create this voucher, contact us at info@svetslik.si or call 051 675 637 and let us know:

  1. which picture do you want to donate (we can also paint pictures that are not in our offer)
  2. dimension of the ordered image
  3. possible frame (it can be chosen by the recipient himself afterwards, and we will inform him about it when the painting is finished)
  4. text brightened
  5. gift voucher delivery address
  6. Address of recipient for image delivery
  7. contact of the recipient for a possible agreement on the choice of frame

In response, you receive an offer for the image. You receive a personalized gift certificate in an envelope by post, and the painting is sent to the recipient after it has been painted and framed.

You can make the payment in advance according to the estimate or we will send you the final payment amount before the delivery of the painting.

The voucher will look like this:

Free visualization of a painting on the wall

Place a painting on the wall of your home or office. Order a free visualization.

To order a visualization, please send us an email at info@svetslik.si, attach a picture of the room, and provide a selection of paintings to be placed.

100% hand-painted paintings on canvas

All paintings on canvas in our offer are freehand painted by our skilled artists.

Stretching canvases/paintings on subframes

Single-panel paintings on canvas, are, if choosen at order, stretched on high-quality subframes with pins, allowing for subsequent stretching of the wall art, when the canvas loosens over time. If you do not order a subframe for paintings the artwork will be delivered unstretched. We believe that the prices of our subframes are very favorable, so we recommend choosing a subframe for your painting when making a purchase. The sold painting on canvas will be ready for hanging on the wall.

The sale of multi-panel paintings includes a subframe. The delivered multi-panel painting will be ready for hanging on the wall.

Frame for paintings

All paintings can be framed. For all single-panel paintings, framing is available through the website. When choosing a frame for a painting, you can use our unique framing application, which digitally draws the frame on the selected painting or reproduction. The application optically adjusts the width of the frame based on the chosen dimensions of paintings. On larger-sized artistic paintings, the frame will be narrower. Visualizing a framed paintings on canvas using the application is an excellent tool for making the right decision.

The application does not allow framing of multi-panel paintings, but this does not mean that framing of multi-panel paintings is not possible. Framing of multi-panel wall art can be ordered separately via email/sms.

Custom painted paintings by order

We accept orders for custom painted paintings according to the customer's wishes. We can paint paintings with the desired motif and in custom dimensions. If found a painting on other website - we can paint it - please contact us at info@svetslik.si for an offer.

Take a look at the photos of examples - custom-painted paintings -, that we have painted for clients in the past.